Friday, 31 July 2009

Away With The Fairies!

I really can't believe it is Friday again already! It's been a very fast week which has been lovely, afterall it's the weekend again and that's no bad thing.

This week has been very mixed with the little projects that are running here at LTC. So here's a peek at what we have been upto.

With little Eva's entrance into the world the family have been looking for personalised cards to give to the happy mummy and daddy. Here's the one that my lovely mum commissioned:

She wanted something reflecting their perfect 'gentlemans' family. The card itself is a hammered effect which really doesn't need much glamourising. You can't see it clearly in the photograph but the embossed heart has a green chalked effect adding some colour and further definition to the shape.

Something completely different now! We were asked to personalise the front page of a scrapbook for a lass who likes to keep newspaper cuttings about her brother in law (a local radio presenter and charity frontman). Her family wanted something that would keep them tidy but also something a little more special. Here's what we came up with:

With the black pages of the scrapbook, simplicity was always going to be best so we stuck to using bright colours and added a little bit of sparkle for that starry feeling.

Here's a birthday card for the same lass. The client asked for something that could be used as a door name plate once her birthday is passed. This is an idea that I absolutely love, there's nothing nicer than knowing a card will be on display for a long time, rather than to meet the bin in a few weeks time. Dana's favourite colours are purple, pink and green so we did our best to include them all in her card.

We've had a lot of orders for birthday cards these last few weeks which has been absolutely fantastic, it's nice to get the chance to make one off cards.

Back to weddings now though. An order has come in from a very organised little miss. The design process normally takes a few emails to get the details right, but this girl knew exactly what she wanted and in what colours. Here's a wee sneak peek at the first finished invitation:

Again with all my photo's, they just don't do the items justice. The invitation has a really elegant and luxurious feel to it. I really do adore this design.

We have had another mini article published in the Scottish Bride's Guide this week and have submitted another couple to Kate to see if she would like to use them. If you're getting married this is definitely a blog to follow, whether you're a Scottish Bride or not, it has some great ideas and tips that I'm sure will be of great use! Kate has some really big plans for SBG and I can't wait to see where it leads her to.

Enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing!

Monday, 27 July 2009

A Moments Rest

Well that's just wishful thinking! I've not had a chance to get caught up with this blog as I was on night shift (in addition to the day job I'd like to add) most of last week which knocked me for six. So here's a little catch up from what has been going on with LTC:

We completed the order for the bride with the gold and ivory colour scheme and it's all been posted out. All very exciting for us here at LTC. Here's a wee peek at the Order of Service.

The photograph really isn't the best, but the card is ivory with an ivory insert to ensure the brides colours were continued throughout. We kept it as simple as possible to maintain the elegance of her colour scheme the most important focus.

Now the cause of the delays, the table numbers. The gold had to be a match to the mountboard used for the table plan (I am that picky) which meant it had to come from a certain supplier who was rather relaxed shall we say!

In other news, my gorgeous niece came into the world. So little Eva is a younger sister to Rocco Jay, both are the most perfect gorgeous children ever, but I might be biased. Here's a wee look at the card that we gave to Eva's mummy and daddy. Eva's mum has asked us to design the Christening invitations and a little guest book for the occasion, I'm really looking forward to making those with a Disney theme.

So lots of this week shall be spent ooohing and aahing at the gorgeous wee lass, with the rest of it focused on a wedding invitation order. I've a few sneak peeks at some birthday cards for you, but I'll save them for later in the week.

I've been busy this last week writing mini-articles for the Scottish Brides' Guide. Kate from SBG has been asking Scottish companies to contribute to the blog. So far we've had two articles posted and hopefully we'll have a few more up soon. So keep watching.

Will this rain never end?

Monday, 20 July 2009

Now For Something Completely Different...

We received an enquiry a few months ago about a DVD Presentation and would LTC be willing to draft one once their house was completed. They wanted a way to show all the hard work that had gone into building their guest house in a fun and different way. As I like to do, I thought I would show you a little sneak peek

This is a still of the menu screen, the photographs all interchange whilst the DVD is left on the screen allowing a preview of what is to come.

The client is collecting the draft copy tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to her reaction. As for the house - absolutely stunning and definitely wouldn't look out of place on a show such as 'Grand Designs.'

DVD Presentations are something we would be pleased to include in our catalogue. They are a fantastic way of thanking guests and wedding party members whilst showing off engagement shoot photographs on your big day. For a Christening, they can tell the story of the child's life so far in photographs. What about an anniversary present, photographs of the happy couple throughout their relationship? They really are incredibly versatile. If you are interested, please get in touch with your ideas and we will be happy to help.

A Serious Moment...

Cancer Research UK have launched their latest campaign with an advert that completely stopped me in my (incredibly busy) tracks and reduced me to tears. It shows children and adults alike in their fight against this disease, using their words to tell the big story!

My husband was diagnosed with Testicular Cancer in 2007, he's now been clear since his final chemotherapy cycle in October of that year, so I'm sure you will understand how close to my heart I hold this charity and their work. I donate a monthly sum to the charity as it's the least I can do, afterall it is their research and hard work that lead to the treatments which my husband underwent to rid him of his cancer, to save his life. But this campaign has made me want to do more so every order received between now and the 27th July 2009, I will donate 20% of the profit to Cancer Research UK.

You can see the advert here.

If you don't require any services/products from LTC at this time, please consider making a small donation, whatever you can afford, to this worthy cause.

Together we will beat cancer

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Dancing On The Tables

Well not quite, but I did consider it because I'm that happy. The big wedding order that I have been working on is almost completed with the first two out of the three batches being posted today. The only hold up is that some of the materials for the table numbers have been delayed at the suppliers end. That's not bad though, it's only been 13 days since the lass first got in touch and asked for some ideas.

So as promised here's the first look. I adore this bride to be's colour scheme, gold and ivory is just so classic and elegant.

We decided not to overdo it with the roses, so rather than having one at each table section we let the gold board be the statement with the roses and diamantes as accents to tie the other stationery items and the wedding themes in together.

The placecards were co-ordinated by using smaller versions of the roses and some diamantes for a bit of sparkle. The font used is Vivaldi, easy to read but looks like scripted hand writing which I think just fits with this classy scheme.

So they get posted today and I can begin on a large order of birthday cards that I have had come in. Part of my excitement is because of a wedding invitation order I have received, the lass has chosen a purple colour scheme and a gorgeous design that I can't wait to get started on, 9 months until her wedding and I may be more excited than she is!!

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Tempus Fugit!

Another week gone by, my goodness where does it go? I've been working through Amy's order and dealing with some enquiries that had started to pile up but I wasn't well at the start of the week (big aaaws) so my plans to be ultra ahead of schedule have been foiled.

Here's a wee nosey at Kates' (Scottish Wedding Planning) guest book. A lovely wee idea, she wanted a guest book for her hens to write little messages in, a fantastic reminder of the night. I went with purple and black as these are the colours in her hen night invitations. Normally on these books I would do a big bow with the ribbon but Kate's not your typical bride and I wanted the design to reflect her personality as much as possible. The silver wire has a wee bead on the end and I liked how it added a 3D element to to it all.

Other projects - Well tonight is the night to get the finishing touches added to Amy's order. The Order of Services are completed and the table plan/place cards are all printed with the roses just to be glued down. I can't wait to share some photo's with you.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Busy Bees Have Nothing On Me!

I thought that this would be a quiet week with me almost getting caught up on orders. I was wrong and I couldn't be happier. I've just finished the order of services for one order with the inserts just to be stapled in once the bride has confirmed which song lyrics she would like to use. As always the sneak peek of the order of service will be put up here first. Watch this space.

Aside from table plans and order of services I had two gift card orders come in. The first for a wee girl who has that 'grown up' feeling and her birthday.

The photo doesn't do the colours of this card justice. Amy's favourite colours are purple and pink, with her bedroom being these colours also. So I've designed the card so that it can be framed or laminated and put up in her room or on her bedroom door :)! I've also hand stamped the envelope to brighten it up a bit and make it all a bit more special.

The second card is a Thank You card to a wedding guest who will be doing a reading at the ceremony. The bride and groom want to get her a present which will incorporate one of their wedding photo's so this card is more of an IOU. Inside it says 'A special gift for you is on its way, but you will have to wait until after our wedding day.'

The wedding colours include baby pink and takes place in Scotland so I used the Black Watch tartan ribbon to separate the contrasting colours. I like to include darker papers with a pink card as they sometimes feel too 'babyish' if that's even a word.

I'm hoping to have the first of the table plans finished by Sunday so I'll be getting the photographs up as soon after that as I can.

Here comes the thunder!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Sneak Peeks!

Well I thought I would let you have a sneaky peek at two of the orders I am working on at the moment.

The first is Kate's table plan (Scottish Wedding Planning). Her themes include pink and flowers so we came up with this extra cute design with a little bit of sparkle. Kate is rather organised as she is preparing her table plan before invitations have even been sent out. This is fantastic news for me as I am able to make up all the little flowers by hand, have all the backgrounds ready so that when Kate is able to provide me with the guest details it is just a case of printing them all out.

Little Tiger Creations are also designing Kate's place names for the table, a sneak peek will be available only on our blog.

Another wedding order, but this one has a little pressure added to it. With five weeks until the big day we have received the order for her Order of Services and Table Plan. All very exciting. The colours for Amy's wedding are gold and ivory, her flowers are roses, so we have come up with a design that ties them all in together. Here is a little sneak peek at the toppers for the Order of Services.

Amy and LTC have worked together to come up with a fabulous gold table plan. I can't wait to post photographs to show it off. Our deadline is in two weeks time so it won't be too long until we can post photo's of the finished articles.

It looks like the sunshine is over in our area and here was me hoping for a real summer.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Boys! Boys! Boys!

Men are notoriously hard to buy for, the same can be said when it comes to designing cards. Many men don't come under tools and car fanatics which limits the stamps that can be used. So for a manly man that doesn't own a tool box or drive a car, this is what I came up with using my wonderful new Cricut. I love the black scratches and marks on the backing paper taking the 'pretty' look away from it and making it that bit more masculine.

Current projects - At the moment we are designing a table plan for the lovely Kate of Scottish Wedding Planning and we hope to have some sneak preview photo's up soon. We are also currently dealing with an order for Order of Services and another table plan. Really excited about these designs as I love the colour scheme of Gold and Ivory that the bride has chosen.

Enjoy the sunshine.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Ring! Ring!

Well after much deliberation I am having to change the LTC mobile contact number. Apparently Orange are just nasty so and so's.

Although email is our favourite method of contact sometimes you just can't beat a bit of conversation on the subject. Should you wish to contact LTC by telephone you can now find our number on the 'Placing An Order' page of our website.