Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Love and Catch Up!!

Ok I know, I know!!  I've been completely AWOL!  So firstly, a happy new year to you all!  I won't bore you with the reasons for my absence but new year, new priorities, it's all go!

I've been busy making cards as a gift to my younger sister.  Her partner of forever proposed and we are doing everything we can as a family to raise funds for the big day.  My contribution is a massive selection of hand made cards to sell at the car boot sale she is attending.  This has to be the best day of her life and I'm determined to help her get it!  I'm very excited though as I've to start the invitation designs already and I have some stunning gold samples which I may sneak up on here at a later date.

Valentine's day is fast approaching and why not say I Love You with a special and personalised handmade card?  Here's a wee sneak peek at one that I sent to a dear friend for her husband.  Sarah and Rob were married on the 14th February and will celebrate their first wedding anniversary this year.

I just love the sparkling hearts and the simple wording, yes I do love romantic poems but sometimes it's just the simplest of words that need to be said for it to mean the most.

Kate's wedding is drawing ever closer and the big task at LTC this week is getting her place settings started.  I'm sure she'll let me put a sneak peek up on the blog for you to see.  It's such a cute design.


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