Monday, 15 February 2010

Another Valentine Come & Gone

Well that's V-Day done and dusted for yet another year.  As mentioned in a previous blog, I loved the design that the client and I came up with so much I just had to do it in different colours, so here's a look at one of the other colour options I've made up.


The last Valentine's order that we accepted was from a good friend of mine.  She saw and loved the colours I used for the card shown above and demanded to have one made for her, no reason and for no one in particular.  Her words were "I'll find a reason."  That was a great compliment for me.

The next big day on the card calender is Mother's Day.  This year it falls on the 14th March and our last order date for handmade cards will be Monday 8th March due to work commitments that week.  Mum's are incredible people and don't they deserve a day of pampering with a card made especially for them?

Our latest enquiry is for Christening invitations and I'm hoping the client will be happy for a sneak peek to be posted here on the blog.

Hope you all had a good weekend, and guess what?  Monday's over!  Yay.


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