Saturday, 6 February 2010

The Hallmark Holiday?

Well February has come round fast!  Is it just me or is time moving far too quickly these days?  I was once told that phrase is a sign of getting old, well sign me up to the old biddies sheet!

Valentine's Day is not something I generally celebrate.  I'm a big believer in the fact that if you wish to be romantic and spontaneous you shouldn't pick the day where every other person in the country is choosing to be romantic and spontaneous.  But then I took a better look at it...  We do live in a cynical society where Hallmark seems to have taken over our day of romance, our day to give our loved ones a wee reminder that we are still competely besotted.  So lets reclaim this day!!  Let's give up on the Hallmark and go back to what matters, the thoughts that count.  

Our latest order here at LTC was for some mini cards.  The (single) client wished to give her good friends a card to thank them for their love that has got her through some difficult times in the last year because she loves them more than any man.  She wanted a heart theme for most of them but in a more subtle manner than with VALENTINE across the front.


I love this card and not just because I'm a crazy cat lady.  I just think it's very suitable for letting a friend know that you are by their side and you love them.


We kept to simple designs with the embellishments doing all of the 'talking.'  I think that's best way with friends, let actions show your words.

Take a look at the website for some other designs for Valentine's Day that we have been working on.  I hope you all have a wonderful day no matter what you choose to do.


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